Illy Octane is a man of action who considers himself to be a humbly arrogant artist. The Marion, IN native, is a born lover of music who never felt comfortable in his
own skin until he recorded his first song. From that point, Illy would grow both as a man and an artist.

Determined to be a master at his craft, Illy learned to engineer and started his own independent label, Rich Harvest Entertainment. Through the productive chaos Illy,
the CEO emerged and consistently remains the calmest person in the room. As the visionary behind his new brand, he had to develop a balance between being both the H.N.I.C. and an MC.

He hit the ground running releasing Rich 16, a collaboration of all of the R.H.E. artists, his debut project Humble v.s Arrogant, as well as a mixtape for each artist
signed to his label. While most would lose momentum, he immediately jumped into his second project I.L.L.Y..

In a city where only a handful of artists make it mainstream, Illy draws inspiration from working with like-minded artists who match his drive for respect in the industry.
His knack for business and his understanding that music is about more than just the culture, but also the feeling the music creates for both the artist and the fan, puts Illy on the road to elevate not only himself and his label into the hip-hop industry, but his home state of Indiana.